Detect any leakages with our liquid presence sensing solution

Two drops are all it takes

Severn is a combination of printed electronics and hardware to create resistive sensors that can detect liquid on its surfaces, even if it's just two drops. The Severn Sensors are printed with conductive ink and by using resistive sensing, their unique pattern can detect the presence of just a couple of drops of a liquid.

Water droplets on LAIIER's Severn sensor
Water leak damage on ceilings and walls

Identify leaks early on and prevent damage

Liquid leaks cause nearly $1B in damage every year.

This is due to leaks going unrecognized for a long time, causing damage to infrastructure, be it water, hydraulic or other kinds of liquid leaks. Our Severn solution can act as a LoRaWAN water leak detector and we can help you identify leaks early to prevent any damage.

Installing LAIIER's Severn sensor like tape on a pipe

We make sensors that install like stickers and tape

The unique design of our Severn Sensors combined with the power of our hardware allows us to create sensors that can be used in places where other sensors can't go. Our sensors are ultra-low-cost, while still providing a high-resolution analysis of the environment, allowing you to easily scale your sensing system and receive in-depth knowledge about the infrastructure.

When a liquid comes in contact with the sensor, the Severn Board sends a signal via LoRaWAN to a nearby LoRaWAN gateway and to the cloud, notifying you of a leak occurring. Our sensors are like stickers and tape, which means that you can place them where you couldn't have sensors before - for example underneath dishwashers, water tanks, pipes, etc.


A combination of sensors and hardware

Severn sensors

Severn Sensors

Our Severn Sensors are printed using conductive inks and are adhesive, so they can be attached onto any surface. The Severn Sensors are based on resistive sensing and the unique pattern that divides the print into twelve sensing segments allows liquid to be detected. Within each segment, there are several pairs of conductive tracks and when a liquid bridges these tracks, there is a change in electrical resistance.

Severn board

Severn Board

The Severn Sensors connect to the Severn Board which is able to detect the change in electrical resistance and classify the events on-board. Using LoRaWAN, the board then connects to a LoRaWAN gateway, sending the data over wirelessly to the LAIIER dashboard, giving you an overview of the status of your infrastructure.


Easy to install

Our LAIIER sensing technology can be installed by anyone, including non-professionals. It is a matter of attaching the sensor, connecting it to the hardware, and using the dashboard to detect events. 

Scaling arrows

Low-cost and scalable

Our sensors are low-cost to produce, making it very feasible and cost-effective to scale our sensing technology.


Seamless integration

At LAIIER we create sensor solutions that can be applied or built directly into the environment. Our range of ultra-thin sensors use the same form factor for every application, creating a seamlessly integrated system.

Use Cases

Dishwasher Leaks

Dishwashers are a frequent source of leaks in commercial and domestic kitchens, whether they are built-in or stand-alone units. High volume, high temperature, and high-pressure water means that leaks are frequently catastrophic and costly. Mitigating these large costs is therefore crucial and the key lies within rapid, early detection of water leaks.

LAIIER's evaluation kit contents

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