Liquid Presence Sensing

Prevent leaks

We can help you detect even the tiniest amounts of liquids due to a growing leak. Use our technology to stop the leak from causing any damage. 

Applying LAIIER's Severn sensor like tape on a pipe

Identify a range of liquids

Most damage that is caused by leaks is caused predominantly by water. But besides being able to detect any aqueous fluid, we can also detect the presence of non-aqueous fluids, such as petroleum. 

See just some of the use cases we can help you with

Dishwasher leaks

Dishwasher Leaks

Dishwasher leaks water onto the floor causing damage in the short term and mold in the long term.

Flat roof leaks

Flat Roof Leaks

Detecting water through a range of different roofing layers. Early detection of water in upper layers can prevent damage to lower layers.

Exposed pipe leaks

Exposed Pipe Leaks

Water pipe leaks are more likely to occur in basements and utility rooms of commercial properties.

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Severn is our technology to help you detect the presence of any liquids