Surface to Cloud

A solution to prevent structural damage

LAIIER's Surface to Cloud mobile interface

We take data from walls, floors, pipes, and ceilings and send it to the cloud to predict, prevent and respond to costly accidents.

At LAIIER our mission is to improve the performance of buildings through connected sensor technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into any surface or space.

Our Surface to Cloud™ platform addresses a range of use cases in the smart building and facility including water leak detection, non-contact liquid level monitoring, occupancy measurement, people counting, vibration, air, and chemical quality, and more.

Smart surfaces that install like stickers and tape

We make smart sensors and stickers that are easy to install, easy to scale, and provide high-quality data.

These sensors consist of 3 parts:

  • Printed Sensors: Ultra-thin sensors, which are self-adhesive and easy to install. 
  • Hardware: Battery-powered hardware is robust, reliable, and requires no user configuration.
  • Software: Our Surface to Cloud™ platform leverages LoRaWAN to provide our customers with an easy-to-integrate API and dashboards. 

Our printed sensor platform is based on our patented Dynamically Functional Surface™️ technology, which covers more area, with a higher resolution, with easier integration at a significantly lower cost than existing technologies.

Installation and monitoring of LAIIERs sensors
Installing LAIIER's Severn sensor on an industrial pipe

Why choose LAIIER

Easy to install

Our LAIIER sensing technology can be installed by anyone, including non-professionals. It is a matter of attaching the sensor, connecting it to the hardware, and using the dashboard to detect events. 

Low-cost and scalable

Our sensors are low-cost to produce, making it very feasible and cost-effective to scale our sensing technology.

Seamless integration

At LAIIER we create sensor solutions that can be applied or built directly into the environment. Our range of ultra-thin sensors uses the same form factor for every application, creating a seamlessly integrated system.

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