Detect Water Leaks in Your Buildings - Before They Cause Damage

Accurately detect the smallest of water leaks in hard-to-reach places - before damage is even visible.

Minimize water leak related downtime, damage, and repairs. Optimize maintenance strategies and occupancy rates.

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Meet Severn WLD™ 2nd generation

The same early water detection technology you already know & trust - now with a 6-year battery life, IP65 rating, discreet appearance, and more...

Why you need early water leak detection

Commercial water leak insurance claims total US$2.5B in the US alone

Who benefits from early water leak detection

Multifamily properties overlooking a waterway

Multifamily properties

70.2% of multifamily operators' insurance claims include water damage. Protect your buildings and your portfolio's bottom line.

Luxury hotel resort and pool


Water leaks are the #1 source of property claims in the hospitality industry. Safeguard your property and maintain guest occupancy.

Facilities manager inspecting equipment

Facilities management

Repair & maintenance costs are the second largest category of a facilities manager’s budget. Maintain business continuity and minimize unplanned downtime.

High rise building under construction


Water damage is the second most frequent cause of loss during building projects. Protect your construction projects from water damage at every phase.


Water leaks, explained: A guide for owners & operators of commercial facilities

Everything you need to know about water leaks in commercial and industrial facilities - from where they leak, to why the leaks are so expensive - and new ways to prevent water leaks before they cause significant damage.

Cover of eBook: Everything You Need To Know About Water Leak Detection in Commercial Buildings

Why companies choose LAIIER’s early water leak detection solution

  • Quick, tool-free installation

    Set up and install Severn WLD in minutes, not hours. Its small, flexible form makes it ideal for retrofitting in existing commercial or light industrial facilities, without requiring specialist expertise.

  • Meaningful, actionable data

    Get access to meaningful data that creates actionable insights for your business. View data direct in LAIIER Cloud, or connect to your existing ticketing systems via API, MQTT, or other integrations.

  • Reliable, adaptable technology

    Use Severn WLD to detect water leaks in a broad range of scenarios in commercial and light industrial facilities. Enjoy remotely adjustable sensitivity - and no false alarms.

  • A flexible end-to-end solution

    Get everything you need, or augment your existing LoRaWAN sensing capaibilities. LAIIER offers a full solution that works both standalone, or as part of a larger sensing network.

What people say about LAIIER

  • "If we’d had LAIIER’s water detection system in place, we could have learned about the issue in minutes instead of days. While we have systems in place for emergencies, we only take action if we know there is a problem. We had a room out of action for weeks, which could have been avoided with LAIIER’s solution.”

  • “For property claims, water damage continues to be the predominant cause of loss. While many water damage control solutions focus on water leaks from building piping, LAIIER can detect the presence of water anywhere, especially in odd shaped spaces, making it a useful tool for detection of water intrusion, as well as water release."

  • "We believe that sensors for remote monitoring, such as the LAIIER leak detection sensor, represent an important preventative measure towards potential unforeseen damage, and can help to improve work safety by early detection of wet floors.”

  • "LAIIER’s commitment to the evolution of LoRaWAN standard, certification of devices, and collaboration with ecosystem partners will be an asset to the alliance and further the global adoption of LoRaWAN across all industries.”

  • "By bringing data from a physical to a digital domain, LAIIER gives building managers, facility operators, infrastructure owners, and insurers clarity on the health of their buildings. The LAIIER team has built technical expertise that lets them put sensors where others cannot, collect data others can’t access, and ultimately paint an accurate picture of building health that others can’t see."

  • "Overall, installing the sensors is very easy. As they come in the form of a sticky tape, they can be mounted almost anywhere, even in hard-to-reach places, and are resistant to spills and perfect for high-traffic areas."

Case studies

Books in shelves

National Institution: Partner Case Study

Working with our partner Microshare and global facilities management giant Bouygues to protect national treasures with early water leak detection.

Severn WLD and the INKxperience Kit

Henkel: Lab of Printing Technologies

Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Lab of Printing Technologies in Düsseldorf includes a display and live deployment of LAIIER’s smart technologies.