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LAIIER goes where other sensor technology can't

LAIIER seamlessly integrates intelligence where costly events are likely to occur by transforming surfaces into connected sensors

LAIIER's Severn sensor underneath an industrial tank


Severn is our LoRaWAN liquid presence sensing solution frequently used as a water leak detector.

Surface to Cloud

Our smart building technology takes data from surfaces and sends it to the cloud to predict costly accidents.

LAIIER's IoT Surface to Cloud interface

We take data from walls, floors, pipes, and ceilings and send it to the cloud to predict, prevent and respond to costly accidents.


Use Cases

Marine Exhaust Scrubber Leaks: An Onboard Corrosive Whirlpool

Scrubbers are an integral part of ships that ensure toxic sulfur is removed from exhaust gasses. Scrubbers usually pass this exhaust gas through a large amount of seawater, drawn in through the ship. However, the high acidity and temperatures of exhaust gasses accelerate the rate of corrosion that can happen throughout the scrubber which can cost up to $100,000 per year in maintenance and repairs. Existing damage inspection methods are very manual and require specialist equipment, meaning checks are infrequent. A thin, adaptable and accurate sensor is needed to detect the first signs of a scrubber leak.

Working with six multi-national partners

LAIIER has signed six multi-national launch partners in the insurance, chemicals, and facilities management industries.

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Industrial pipe network