Early Water Leak Detection for Hospitality Operators

Protect guest safety and experience by detecting even the smallest leaks - before they cause visible damage and costly downtime.

Discover Hospitality's predictive water leak detection solution: Severn WLD™

Water leaks are the #1 source of property claims in the hospitality industry, overtaking fire and burglary. Add up the cost of property damage, impact on guests’ safety and experience, lost revenue and increased ancillary costs, and water leaks are a significant threat to your bottom line. 

Severn WLD™ is a smart water leak detection system that precisely detects and locates water leaks well before they cause significant problems. 

Designed to scale across large commercial buildings, Severn WLD is easily installed in locations inaccessible to other leak sensors. It detects even the smallest leaks with pinpoint accuracy, sending you a real-time alert with the specific location so you can take immediate action.

Severn WLD on bricks

How Hospitality benefits from early water leak detection

Protect your guests' safety & experience

Detect and repair water leaks as soon as they occur. Eliminate safety hazards, and avoid causing your guests discomfort or inconvenience that negatively impacts their experience.

Minimize downtime and operational disruption with early leak detection

Detect even the smallest water leaks as they occur - and repair them before they spread or cause visible damage. Minimize the impact of leaks on maintenance teams, facilities and equipment.

Drive decision-making through better data

Identify factors that increase the likelihood of leaks, including occupation patterns, suppliers and components. Integrate with your PMS, CMMS or other systems to optimize maintenance strategies.

Monitor properties remotely, in real time

Get an accurate view of where and when leaks occur, in real time, within properties and across your portfolio.

Enhance sustainability performance and ESG

Significantly reduce both water loss, and the carbon footprint associated with major leak-related repairs.

End-to-end solution, from sensor to cloud

A turnkey solution that includes sensors, a secure network and a cloud-based dashboard for data and reporting.

Where hospitality operators use Severn WLD

Hospitality operators can use Severn WLD to monitor anywhere a leak is likely, costly, or both - including:

  • Plumbing, mechanical & drainage systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Basements
  • Roofs
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens & bar areas
  • Utility areas

Under Sink Leaks

Tanked Water Heater Leaks

Exposed Pipe Leaks

Dishwasher Leaks


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