Water Leaks in Owner-Operated Real Estate: Key Statistics


Water leaks in owner-operated commercial, multifamily residential, and industrial buildings are ubiquitous, often overlooked, and a significant threat to the bottom line. Discover how the numbers really stack up.

There’s a lot of real estate at risk of water leaks


owner-operated buildings in the US alone1

97 billion

sqft of space in US owner-operated buildings2


Water leaks are common

Flooded floor

leaks occur per building, per month, on average3


of water leaks come from leaking or burst pipes4

Small water leaks are not a small problem


average cost of repairing a leak not covered by insurance5


average insurance deductible for Escape of Water in owner-operated buildings6

Cleaning up after a water leak

Big water leaks are also an expensive problem

Flooded office

of owner-operated buildings incur at least one significant leak annually

+2 million

insurance claims will be made as a result of significant leaks

$8 billion

annual cost of Escape of Water to US businesses & insurers7

Explore how early water leak detection mitigates risk for real estate owner-operators

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