Early Water Leak Detection for Office Buildings

Detect leaks before they cause significant damage - even when offices are vacant.

Discover the leading predictive water leak detection solution for offices: Severn WLD™

Water leaks in offices cause substantial financial losses. The cost of water extraction, cleanup, and repair or renovation for just the smaller leaks that you don’t claim on insurance, can easily add up to mid 5-figure sums for a single building over the course of a year.

And the continued prevalence of flexible working creates additional risk for owners and operators: according to Chubb, vacancy-related water emergencies account for about 8% of commercial water damage losses overall.

Severn WLD™ is a smart water leak detection system that automatically detects and locates water leaks - before they’ve had a chance to cause expensive damage, even when an office is vacant.

Protect your bottom line. Automatically detect water leaks early, before they cause significant damage.

Severn WLD installed on concrete

Benefits of early water leak detection for office buildings

Automatically detect leaks, even when offices are vacant

Lower the risk of leak-related damage to vacant offices. Monitor for and automatically detect leaks when they’re small and inexpensive to fix.

Maximize operational efficiency

Minimize time and money spent on detecting water leaks after significant damage has occurred. Decrease the number of catastrophic leaks, and associated major repair and facility downtime costs.

Monitor properties remotely, in real time

Avoid the cost and inconvenience of manual inspections. Get an accurate view of where and when leaks occur, in real time, within properties and across your portfolio.

Retrofit a discreet, robust solution - even in tight spaces

Fit and deploy sensors in minutes, without needing specialist tools. Install easily in small, leak-prone spaces like kitchens and washrooms.

Streamline maintenance operations

Minimize resource-intensive manual water leak inspections, especially in large sites and hard-to-reach places. Refocus resources from leak detection to other areas of need.

Make informed, data-driven decisions

Generate proprietary water leak data, including when and where and when they occur. Identify factors that increase the likelihood of leaks, across facility layouts, usage, and parts.

Enhance sustainability performance

Significantly reduce water loss derived from detected leaks, enhancing your facilities’ sustainability.

End-to-end solution, from sensor to cloud

A turnkey solution that includes sensors, a secure network and a cloud-based dashboard for data and reporting.

Where you'll find Severn WLD in office buildings

Office buildings can use Severn WLD to monitor anywhere a leak is likely, costly, or both - including:

  • On pipes, flanges, and fittings.
  • In kitchens: near dishwashers, fridges, and freezers.
  • Near tanks, risers, pumps, and condensate drains.
  • In washrooms: under toilets, sinks, and shower trays.
  • Near HVAC systems.
  • In control rooms.

Under sink leaks

Tanked water heater leaks

Exposed pipe leaks

Dishwasher leaks


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