Early Water Leak Detection for New Build Construction

Eliminate the chance of costly leak-related delays with predictive water leak detection.

Discover Construction's predictive water leak detection solution: Severn WLD™

Water damage is the second most frequent cause of financial loss during building projects. Combine the costs of repair, completion delays and reputational damage, and it’s critically important to eliminate the chance of leak-related delays with predictive water leak detection.

Severn WLD™ is a smart water leak detection system that tells you where a leak is before you can see it. Using smart technologies, it precisely detects and locates leaks for you, well before they cause significant problems.

Don’t let small, virtually undetectable leaks turn into significant completion delays. Detect and repair them before they cause a major issue.

Severn WLD installed on concrete

Benefits of early water leak detection for Construction

Avoid expensive leak-related delays

Detect the smallest water leaks before they even cause visible damage. Avoid the cost of major leak-related damage, as well as completion delays and reputational damage.

Quick, easy install - no tools required

Install and deploy sensors within minutes, without the need for specialist tools. Reposition sensors to target key areas as your building's infrastructure grows.

Reduce out-of-hours site visits due to false positives

Set device sensitivity based on specific locations and use cases. Avoid sending your team on expensive and frustrating out-of-hours site visits for false positive alerts.

Drive decision-making through better data

Gain insights into where and when water leaks occur. Identify factors that increase the likelihood of leaks, across floorplans, suppliers, or even individual components

Enhance sustainability performance

Significantly reduce water loss by detecting leaks. Enhance your construction projects' sustainability credentials.

Standalone LoRaWAN® network

Get cloud connectivity without needing any IT support. Deploy a network in minutes, without needing to connect to Wi-Fi or site IT systems.

Minimize maintenance

Install and start monitoring, no regular maintenance required, with an average battery life of 3 - 4 years.


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Where Construction companies use Severn WLD

Construction companies can use Severn WLD to monitor anywhere a leak is likely, costly, or both - including:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Roofs, roof drains & roof openings
  • Excavations
  • Mechanical systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Window & door openings
  • Temporary water systems

Under Sink Leaks

Tanked Water Heater Leaks

Exposed Pipe Leaks

Dishwasher Leaks

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