At LAIIER, we value our customers’ trust. Our end-to-end approach to security ensures that our data and business practices keep your data safe.

Our team’s expertise in cyber and IoT security ensures that both device and data security is considered at every level, from communication protocol, through to secure key management, and access to device management and data.


Key security measures

Selection of the LoRaWAN communication protocol to transmit data to the cloud
Security has been designed into LoRaWAN from the onset, with mandatory end-to-end encryption.

This ensures that messages are not altered, that they come from legitimate and authorized devices and networks, and can’t be eavesdropped on.

Best practice key generation, distribution, and storage
Each LoRaWAN end-device has a unique 128 bit AES key (called the AppKey) that is used to encrypt messages. We follow industry best practices to securely generate AppKeys, guaranteeing randomness and uniqueness in order to increase resistance to brute-force attacks.

Keys are generated, distributed, and stored strictly in line with best practices from leading organizations like Semtech and the LoRa Alliance®.

Additional Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA) for Severn WLD™ devices
We’ve implemented OTAA, an extension to the basic LoRaWAN protocol that offers an additional layer of security every time a Severn WLD joins the network.

Should a potential attacker try to resend old messages (a “replay” attack) they would be rejected as the keys used to encrypt the messages would no longer be valid.


Further information on LoRaWAN security and secure key generation