Severn WLD™: Smart Water Leak Detection

Avoid commercial property damage with early water leak detection

  • Detect and locate small water leaks with high accuracy. Avoid visible damage and downtime.

  • Optimize operational efficiency. Eliminate resource-intensive manual inspections. Minimize water leak repair costs.

  • Get real-time data. Gain insights. Make better decisions across properties and your portfolio.

Detect water leaks early, before damage is caused

Severn WLD™ detects early water leaks - from as little as two drops of water. Unlike conventional water leak detection solutions, it alerts you to the very start of a leak, giving you ample time to repair it before significant damage is caused.

Specifically designed to meet the challenges of water leak detection in commercial buildings, Severn WLD offers high sensitivity and scalability at a cost that delivers ROI quickly for owners and operators.

Severn WLD has broad applications across commercial properties. It is already deployed with commercial insurance carriers, facilities managers, hospitality venues, and system integrators in the US and UK.

Popular use cases include:

Leaking valve under a sink

Under sink leaks

Tanked water heater

Tanked water heater leaks

Exposed wrapped pipes

Exposed pipe leaks

Sensor under a dishwasher

Dishwasher leaks

Benefits of Severn WLD

Detect leaks before they cause significant damage

Avoid the expense of major property damage, downtime, and repairs: detect water leaks when they're still so small that damage may not even be visible.

Severn WLD accurately detects, pinpoints, and alerts you to leaks that are as small as 2 drops of water, allowing you to repair them well before they cause catastrophic damage.


Drive decision-making through better data

Get an accurate view of where and when leaks occur: time of day, days of the week, or based on occupation patterns specific to your industry, portfolio, or property.

Identify factors that increase the likelihood of leaks, including occupation, suppliers, and components.


Achieve greater operational efficiency

Maximize building occupancy by detecting and repairing leaks before they cause damage that affects availability.

Make maintenance budgets stretch further by removing resource-intensive manual water leak inspections from the equation, while also minimizing spend on major repairs due to catastrophic leaks.


Enhance sustainability performance & ESG

Significantly reduce water loss by detecting and repairing water leaks early.

Minimize the carbon footprint associated with major leak-related repairs.

Get an end-to-end solution, from sensor to cloud

Get a turnkey solution that includes everything you need: sensors, network, and a cloud-based dashboard for data and reporting.

We also offer integration with other systems upon request.

Avoid false positives

Severn WLD's accuracy ensures you'll avoid costly and frustrating false alerts.

Set individual devices' sensitivity based on the specific use case of the area you're monitoring: from as sensitive as 2 drops of water, to a larger leak.

Use a secure standalone network

Deploy a secure LoRaWAN® network in minutes, without IT support, or connecting to Wi-Fi or site IT systems.

Get cloud connectivity without creating cybersecurity concerns or exposing central IT networks to any risk.

Install or retrofit quickly - no tools required

Severn WLD is quick and easy to install and set up - it takes just minutes per device. The tool-free installation requires no additional training or specialist skills, and is supported by our helpful installation guide.

Key features of Severn WLD

Flexible form factor

Severn WLD is an adhesive sensor that's printed on tape. Install it in minutes, like you would tape: mount it on a wall or stick it to the floor.

Monitor locations you couldn’t before, including locations where space and accessibility are low. Because the device is battery-powered, no power supply or wiring is required.

High sensitivity & accuracy

Detect even the smallest of leaks - from as little as 2 drops of water. Pinpoint the exact leak location with accuracy: when a leak is detected, you’ll not only see which device is affected, but also which of its 12 regions are registering the leak.

Reliable communication & long battery life

Severn WLD uses the LoRaWAN® IoT communication protocol to transmit data. It's ideally suited to early water leak detection, reliably sending relatively small packets of data over longer distances.

It's also very power-efficient, meaning that the average battery life of a Severn WLD is 6 years.

IP65 rated enclosure

While the majority of Severn WLD devices are installed in areas where there’s a low tolerance for water leaks, we've designed our enclosure to be IP65 rated.

This means each device has the highest protection against dust, and can even withstand being subjected to low-pressure water jets.

Cloud-based platform for monitoring & insights

LAIIER Cloud receives your water leak sensing data, enabling you to gain review leak patterns and gain insights into your commercial properties' performance. 

Use LAIIER Cloud as a standalone solution, or integrate sensing data with existing building management software.

Real-time alerts via SMS & email

Alerts trigger in real time as soon as a leak is detected, providing information on exactly where the leak has occurred.

Set custom alerts based on leak location, choosing email, SMS, or both to deliver notifications and coordinate response teams.

A turnkey solution for early water leak detection

The full solution consists of:

  • Severn WLD devices
    Each battery-powered device consists of a Severn board inside a robust enclosure, and LAIIER's adhesive printed sensor tape with 12 zones.

  • LAIIER gateway
    LAIIER provides one or more LoRaWAN® gateways (depending on usage) to enable data to be transmitted from the devices to the cloud.

Severn WLD & LAIIER Cloud diagram
  • LAIIER Cloud platform
    Data is sent from the devices, via the gateways, to the LAIIER Cloud platform. Log in and manage devices and alerts, monitor leaks, and gain insights into leak patterns.

  • Custom integrations
    Want to share water leak data with existing building management solutions or other software? Bespoke integrations are available upon request.

Compare Severn WLD with conventional water leak detectors

  • Flood sensors

  • Inline sensors

  • Cable sensors

Severn WLD

Flood sensors

Inline sensors

Cable sensors

Unique form factor No No aqua-Check
Installed within minutes aqua-Check No aqua-Check
High sensitivity No aqua-Check aqua-Check
Pinpoint location No No No
False positive reduction No No No

Discover how Severn WLD can protect your buildings

We'd love to explore how early water leak detection can protect your buildings - and your bottom line. Book a call with our team to discuss into your water leak detection challenges, and how Severn WLD can help.