Severn WLD

What is Severn WLD

Severn WLD is the world's first smart tape that acts as a water leak detector and is LAIIER's first solution using Severn technology.

Two drops are all it takes

Thanks to the high resolution of Severn, Severn WLD can detect the presence of just a couple of drops of water. This allows you to detect leaks early, before they can cause any damage.

Water droplets on LAIIER's Severn sensor
DSC04727_LAIIER_Use Cases_Dishwasher_Placing sensor_1920x1080

Reach unreachable locations 

Because the Severn Sensors are so thin, they can reach and cover areas that other water leak detectors can't, such as underneath appliances, around pipes or underneath flat roofs.


A combination of printed sensors and electronics

Severn WLD consists of Severn Sensors and a Severn Board, LAIIER's first LoRaWAN-enabled, battery-powered resistive sensing hardware. The Severn Board powers the sensor and checks every minute the presence of water. Once it detects a leak forming, it sends an emergency message periodically via LoRaWAN to the Surface to Cloud dashboard until the leak has been fixed. 


Powered by the Severn Board

The Severn Board is the hardware that activates the sensors. It is powered by a battery and uses LoRaWAN to send events to the Surface to Cloud platform. 

Technical Specifications

Hardware and Enclosure Dimensions
95 x 58 x 24 mm

Sensor Dimensions
Vary by type, see included drawings

Hardware and Enclosure Weight

Operating Temperature Range
-30°C to 60°C

Operating Humidity Range

Dependent on sensor design, maximum resolution of 0.1 ml of water

Up to 12 electrodes per sensor with theoretical range of 0-1023

Activation Method

Wireless Communication Protocol

Read Range
10 km (line-of-sight, actual transmission distance depends on sensor placement and environment)

Antenna Type
Built-in antenna

Available frequency
US915, AU915, EU868 (configured before shipment)

Battery Type
AA Li-SOCl₂ cell

Operating Voltage

Peak Current Drawn

Active Battery Lifetime
18 months

Nylon, not currently IP rated

Self-adhesive, screw mounts available on enclosure

Sensor Connector

How It Works


Stick the sensor down


Attach the hardware to the sensor


Power the hardware on


Receive data via LoRaWAN

Use Case Library

DSC04647_LAIIER_Use cases_Washing Machine_Sensor Attached_CU_1920x1080

Dishwasher Leaks

Dishwasher leaks water onto the floor causing damage in the short term and mold in the long term.


Flat Roof Leaks

Detecting water through a range of different roofing layers. Early detection of water in upper layers can prevent damage to lower layers.

DSC04580_LAIIER_Use Cases_Sensor On Pipe_Right Angle_1920x1080-2

Exposed Pipe Leaks

Water pipe leaks are more likely to occur in basements and utility rooms of commercial properties where there are many more connections and joints.


Under Sink Leaks

Detecting water in tight spaces beneath a sink can save expensive damage to surrounding furnishings and prevent catastrophic leaks.


Tanked Water Heater Leaks

Rapidly detecting the first signs of a leak from a tanked hot water heater. Only small amounts of water leak at first, but when a pinhole forms, a catastrophic failure is inevitable.


Exhaust Scrubber Leaks

Detecting the first signs of water leaks from marine exhaust scrubbers to prevent major onboard flooding. Exhaust scrubbers are a highly corrosive environment needing extra care.


We offer Severn WLD as two packages: Hardware as a Service or as a purchasable, consisting of a Severn Board and a set of Severn Sensors. We have completed our first run of production, which we are slowly rolling out. If you are interested in getting your hands on Severn WLD from our second production, please register your interest below.