Early Water Leak Detection for Multifamily Residential Properties

Remotely detect water leaks before they cause damage with smart early water leak detection.

Meet Severn WLD™: Early water leak detection for Multifamily residential properties

Relying on tenants to report water leaks is a high-risk strategy. And when you discover that 70.2% of multifamily operators' insurance claims in 2022 involved water damage, it just seems like a bad bet. To protect your building - and your portfolio's bottom line - you need a reliable water detection solution that relies on technology, not humans.

Severn WLD™ is a smart water leak detection system that automatically reports where a leak is, even before your tenants are aware of it. It uses smart technologies to precisely detect and locate leaks in your buildings, and immediately alerts you when one is found, allowing you to make repairs well before significant damage is done.

Protect your buildings from disruptive and expensive water leaks. Proactively monitor and detect leaks in your properties, and repair them before major damage occurs.

Severn WLD installed next to underfloor heating pipes

Benefits of early water leak detection for Multifamily operators

Automatically detect leaks, before they're visible

Stop relying on tenants to notice or report water leaks. Automatically detect genuine leaks - even when they're small - and avoid major property damage.

Achieve greater operational efficiency for your portfolio

Detect and repair leaks early, before they require significant, expensive repairs. Reduce or reallocate maintenance spend. Increase tenant satisfaction. Decrease tenant churn.

Remotely monitor properties for water leaks, in real time

Avoid the cost and inconvenience of manual inspections. Get an accurate view of where and when leaks occur, in real time, within properties and across your portfolio.

Minimize false positives & unnecessary site callouts

Detect genuine leaks - not false positives. Understand leak severity and react accordingly: respond immediately when it's severe, but schedule maintenance for minor leaks.

Enhance decision-making through higher quality data

Better understand where and when leaks occur. Identify factors that increase the likelihood of leaks in your portfolio: across floor plans, suppliers, or even components.

Strengthen your buildings' sustainability & green credentials

Significantly reduce both water loss, and the carbon footprint associated with major leak-related repairs. Then use your enhanced sustainability credentials to attract tenants.

Minimize maintenance tasks

Just install and start monitoring immediately! There's no regular maintenance required, and the average battery life for each device is 3 - 4 years.

Enjoy a standalone LoRaWAN® network

Enjoy cloud connectivity for your water leak detection data without needing to set up Wi-Fi. Deploy an independent network in minutes, knowing it won't interfere with other infrastructure.


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Where Multifamily operators use Severn WLD

Multifamily residential owner-operators can use Severn WLD to monitor anywhere a leak is likely, costly, or both - including:

  • Plumbing, mechanical, & drainage systems
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Utility areas
  • Fire protection systems
  • Roofs
  • Kitchens & bar areas
  • Communal spaces

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