LAIIER Cloud Platform

Monitor water leaks in your commercial building. Manage devices and alerts. Analyze water leak data. Gain insights into your building's performance.

Cloud-based water leak data and device management

LAIIER Cloud gives you access to a wealth of data about water leaks in your commercial building.

Once you've set up and installed your Severn WLD™ water leak detection devices, LAIIER Cloud is where you'll manage the devices and view the data that they generate.

Log in to LAIIER Cloud to:

  • View both detailed and aggregated data on water leaks
    Gain insights into where leaks happen. Better understand potential weaknesses in your building's infrastructure.

  • Manage water leak alerts
    Make sure that the right people get the right messages when a leak happens.

  • Manage and monitor devices
    Check how individual devices are performing. Set custom water leak thresholds for areas where there's greater or lesser tolerance for water leaks.


Only available with Severn WLD

LAIIER Cloud is only available to customers who have active Severn WLD devices on a subscription basis. Not signed up yet? Book a call with our team to start the process.

Discover the value that LAIIER Cloud delivers