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Connecting every surface of the smart building to the cloud

LAIIER seamlessly integrates intelligence where costly events are likely to occur by transforming coatings into connected sensors.

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A smart surface platform addressing critical use cases in the smart building, starting with water

Monitor leaks, level, and moisture with peel and stick tapes and stickers that deliver critical alerts to the cloud.
Count and track occupants in spaces with a retrofittable flooring underlayment that works with any flooring type.
Touchless Interfaces
Seamless, hygienic interaction and cleaning monitoring for elevators, building controls, white goods, and more.
Future Applications
LAIIER has built a roadmap of new functions and use cases across the smart building.
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Surface to Cloud™️ Connectivity

LAIIER connects coated surfaces to digital infrastructure through a LoRa network that is highly expandable, energy-efficient, and secure. The LoRa standard is well-established in smart cities and infrastructure applications.

Multiple sensors and sensor types are mounted across a site, commutating wirelessly. Data is aggregated through a local gateway that transmits to the internet. The system presents sensor data on a dashboard available via PC, tablet, or phone, sending critical alerts and performance information to allocate maintenance and repair resources.


Dynamically Functional Surfaces™️

Our printed sensor platform is based on our patented Dynamically Functional Surface™️ technology, which covers more area, with a higher resolution, with easier integration at a significantly lower cost than existing technologies.

We transform surfaces into sensors by printing electrically conductive ink, adding our hardware to power the sensor, generating a precise electrical field that we manipulate and measure.

Events are classified onboard, detecting interactions in three dimensions, projecting the field through other materials at a distance of up to 1 meter.

Dynamically Functional Surfaces
Dynamically Functional Surfaces 2

Here to help make your assets smart

LAIIER has signed six multi-national launch partners in the insurance, chemicals, and facilities management industries. These pilot projects are on track to commercialize results beginning in Q2 2021.

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