Your best LAIIER of defense against leak-driven damage & downtime in buildings and industrial equipment

Leaks are a colossal £18B+ annual problem

Expensive, ubiquitous, overlooked. Water, lubricant, and chemical leaks are costing billions in damage and downtime.

The status quo is manual inspection, but it is ineffective and inconsistent. Digital remote monitoring options are limited or unavailable.

LAIIER solves leaks

LAIIER offers a radical new way to deploy digital intelligence and solve the problem of liquid leaks.

From the built environment to industrial equipment, our technology detects and alerts you to leaking water, hydrocarbons, and more.

LAIIER's 'smart tape', plus cloud integrations make it possible to monitor the most challenging spaces.

Differentiated liquid leak detection

Sensors detect and differentiate between multiple liquids, including water and oil.

Flexible & adaptable for many use cases

An exceptional technology stack enables over-the-air updates to suit a broad range of use cases.

Best of breed feature set

Easier install. More precision, coverage, and data than existing liquid leak detection solutions.

Trusted proprietary technology

Tested and deployed in the field. 7 patents held & pending across sensor, hardware, firmware, and software stack.

Who benefits from early leak detection

Multifamily properties

70.2% of multifamily operators' insurance claims include water damage. Protect your buildings and your portfolio's bottom line.


Water damage is the second most frequent cause of loss during building projects. Protect your new construction projects from water damage at every phase.

Facilities management

Repair & maintenance costs is the 2nd largest category of facilities managers' budgets. Maintain business continuity and minimize unplanned downtime.


Water leaks are the #1 source of insurance property claims in the hospitality industry. Safeguard your property and guests, and maintain occupancy rates.

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