National Institution Case Study

Protecting national treasures stored in an iconic building

Working with our partner Microshare and global facilities management giant Bouygues to protect national treasures with early water leak detection.

About the team

The institution

An iconic building filled with priceless artifacts – literally, national treasures held in trust for the nation.

The customer: Bouygues

International facilities management giant, delivering expert, sustainable services to meet their customers' needs.

The partner: Microshare

Creating smart building and operational data at scale for commercial and public infrastructure.

The challenge: Protecting historical artifacts from damage and destruction

How can a national archive protect one-of-a-kind historical artifacts from damage or destruction due to leaks or flooding?

Like all buildings, public infrastructure is susceptible to catastrophic damage from hidden water leaks and flooding. 

And while any form of water leak damage has a cost, damage to or destruction of irreplaceable national treasures incurs an even higher cost than other water leaks.


The solution: Early water leak detection, integrated with existing building management systems

LAIIER's Severn WLD™ devices were installed in a multiple places within the building: along pipes, under rooflines, and under a leak-prone physical plant. The tool-free installation ensures that the fabric of the building is undamaged, without compromising on device effectiveness.

The devices were then connected to Microshare's EverSmart Alert platform, delivering real-time alerts immediately to responsible Bouygues staff when a leak occurs. 

Bouygues logo

“We get instant notification of a potential problem allowing a quick response to the exact location. EverSmart Alert / Severn WLD leak detection gives a customized sensor strip and advanced algorithm that allow us to narrow down to a tap, specific area, or cubicle where the problem is.”

Matthew Booth, BYES Smart Buildings Projects Team Manager



The result: A solution that safeguards a nation's priceless cultural heritage

Should a leak occur, the Severn WLD detects it, sending data to the EverSmart Alert platform. This, in turn, sends real-time alerts, ensuring that the Bouygues facilities management team can respond in a quick and timely manner.

Small problems care prevented from becoming national tragedies. And what’s more, by detecting small leaks at an early stage, the national institution saves money and operates more sustainably.