Severn WLD™ Support FAQs

Last updated 3 June 2024

Overview of Severn WLD™ devices

What is the Severn WLD™?

Severn WLD is LAIIER’s water leak detection device. The Severn WLD hardware connects to a printed sensor that is split into 12 sections or electrodes. Upon powering up with a single AA Li-SOCl2 cell battery, the device connects to the LoRaWAN® network via OTAA. After running through a self-test, the device enters its run mode.

Within the run mode, the device checks for water on each electrode every minute. It sends a regular or “heartbeat” uplink message by default every 4 hours via LoRaWAN. In its default mode, when it detects the presence of water on 4 or more electrodes, the device sends an emergency uplink message via LoRaWAN.

The threshold, the number of electrode segments that have to be wet to trigger an emergency message, and the regular message time interval can be changed via a LoRaWAN downlink message. The device also reports on its battery status and when its sensor becomes disconnected.

The Severn WLD device also contains a temperature sensor, to report the ambient temperature; and an accelerometer, to report whether the device has been moved.

Is the Severn WLD waterproof?

The Severn WLD has an IP65 rating, making it waterproof.

Does the sensor need to be replaced whenever it detects a leak?

No, once the Severn WLD detects a leak, you can wipe the sensor dry and re-use it.

What is the lifetime of Severn WLD?

The device has a 6-year battery life when operating at room temperature, a good distance from a LoRaWAN gateway, and when sending a regular message every 4 hours.

What is the coverage area of the Severn WLD?

The sensor is approximately 2 ft 9 ½” / 85cm / 850mm long. Longer and wider sensors are on our product roadmap.

What certifications does the Severn WLD have?

The Severn WLD is FCC and ISED certified. It is also CE marked and UKCA marked. The specific directives that it complies with are:

  • FCC
    47 CFR Part 15.247 Effective Date 1st October 2020
    DSS: Part 15 Spread Spectrum Transmitter
  • ISED
    RSS-247 Issue 2 Feb 20174
    RSS-GEN, Issue 5 AMD 2 Feb 2021
    Spread Spectrum/Digital Device (902-928 MHz)
  • CE
    Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU
    Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU
  • UKCA
    UK Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 No.1206

Does the sensor come in different lengths?

More lengths are on the product roadmap. The sensor can be cut so that it can fit in smaller spaces. This reduces the overall number of electrodes, but it doesn’t affect the functionality of the Severn WLD.


What is LoRaWAN®?

LoRaWAN is the wireless communication protocol that we use for the Severn WLD. Compared to other communication protocols, LoRaWAN provides a much longer range and consumes less power.


Where is best to place the Severn WLD device?

The water leak detection sensor strip is most effective when placed on clean and dry areas that are prone to water leaks or flooding, such as underneath sinks, near water heaters, underneath appliances like washing machines or dishwashers, and underneath pipe connections.

How do I install the water leak detection sensor strip?

Installation is simple and can be done using the adhesive backing on the sensor strip. Clean and dry the surface where you plan to place the strip, peel off the adhesive backing, and firmly press the strip onto the surface. Ensure the entire length of the strip is in contact with the surface to maximize sensitivity.

How long does it take to install the Severn WLD?

Installing Severn WLD is a matter of minutes, no tools or professionals are needed.

Battery & maintenance

How often does the battery need changing?

The battery has a lifetime of 6 years when operating at room temperature, a good distance from a LoRaWAN gateway, and when sending a regular message every 4 hours.

What type of battery is in the Severn WLD?

A Severn WLD device uses a lithium chloride AA battery. If you want to replace the battery, we recommend using Saft LS14500 batteries.


How often does the Severn WLD check for water / send a message?

The Severn WLD device checks for water every minute and sends a "heartbeat" message every 4 hours.

It immediately sends an emergency message via email and/or text upon detecting water and follows up with a confirmed emergency message, requiring confirmation from the gateway. If confirmation isn't received, it retries.

Upon drying, it sends a confirmed regular message. At least 3 confirmed heartbeat messages are sent within 24 hours. Messages beyond 3 aren't confirmed, risking unseen transmission issues.

What kind of messages does the Severn WLD device send?

The Severn WLD device sends four message types: startup, self-test, regular, and emergency:

  • Startup messages provide firmware version and device serial number.
  • Self-test messages indicate sensor and device status upon startup or magnet swipe.
  • Regular messages and the “heartbeat” message sent every 4 hours, indicate sensor and device status.
  • Emergency messages are sent immediately and alert water detection. These are sent based on the threshold set for how many electrodes need to be wet before triggering an emergency message.

Both regular and emergency messages convey electrode status and device health. Both these messages send information on the state of each electrode and the overall health of the device.

Only emergency messages are sent immediately when water is detected and as default if 4 electrodes are wet. Therefore, 3 or fewer electrodes have become wet, this will be communicated in a regular message every 4 hours.

What is the difference between a confirmed and unconfirmed message?

Most messages are unconfirmed as these use less power, but there is no guarantee that they will be received by the network as long as the signal strength of the device is strong these should be received in most cases.

Confirmed messages use more power, but are more likely to be received by the network as a message is sent back to the device in response. A limited number of confirmed messages can be sent each day as outlined in the LoRaWAN protocol.

My device isn’t sending messages anymore / doesn’t connect to the LoRaWAN gateway. What should I do?

If your Severn WLD isn’t sending messages anymore or can’t connect to the LoRaWAN gateway, please look at the device’s LED. If the LED isn’t flashing, do a self-test of the device by swiping a magnet along it.

Check the signal strength in the dashboard for the last time the Severn WLD connected. If it has a low signal strength it may be too far from the gateway and therefore struggling to connect.

What happens to the Severn WLD when my gateway loses connection or power or there are communications issues?

The Severn WLD sends messages at least 3 times a day, where it expects a response from the gateway. If it doesn’t get that response because of potential communication issues, then it will change its communication settings and send the message again until it can successfully send the message and receive the confirmation.

If it is unable to send a message but has tried all communication methods, then it will enter a sleep state and only attempt to send a message every couple of hours. This is to preserve its battery life.

Sensor tape

Does the sensor of the Severn WLD need to be replaced before it can be used again?

No, the Severn WLD sensor can be simply dried by wiping the water off its surface and then it can be reused.

How do I remove an installed Severn WLD?

If you want to remove an attached Severn WLD, we advise either twisting the entire enclosure whilst closed until the adhesive loosens or prising off the surface with a small flat head screwdriver. The adhesive on the device is quite strong, so be careful not to damage the surface it is stuck on.

Why is the sensor still reading as positive even though there is no water on the sensor?

When the sensor indicates that an electrode is still wet even though you can’t see any water on it, then this might be due to residue left behind as the water has dried. In this scenario, please clean the sensor with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

Compatibility & connectivity

Is the water leak detection sensor strip compatible with smart home systems?

At the moment the Severn WLD only works with the LAIIER Cloud Dashboard.

How does the water leak detection sensor strip communicate with the LAIIER Cloud?

Via a LoRaWAN gateway.

Alerts & notifications

How will I be alerted if a water leak is detected?

You will receive instant notifications via email and, if desired, via SMS.

Customer support & training

What should I do if I need additional training or guidance on using the water leak detection sensor tape?

If you require additional training or guidance on using the water leak detection sensor tape, your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) is here to assist you. You can reach out to your assigned CSM directly via email or phone for personalized support and training sessions tailored to your needs.

How can I schedule a training session with my Customer Success Manager?

Scheduling a training session with your Customer Success Manager is easy. Simply send an email to requesting a training session, and they'll coordinate a convenient time for the session based on your availability.

What types of training and guidance does the Customer Success Manager provide?

Our Customer Success team offers a range of training and guidance services to help you maximize the value of the water leak detection sensor tape. This includes onboarding assistance, product demonstrations, troubleshooting support, and best practices recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with the water leak detection sensor tape?

If you encounter any technical issues with the water leak detection sensor strip, please contact our Customer Support team immediately. Our dedicated support staff will work swiftly to diagnose and resolve the issue, ensuring minimal disruption to your protection and peace of mind.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for improving the water leak detection sensor tape?

We value your feedback and suggestions for improving our products and services. You can share your feedback directly with your Customer Success Manager, who will ensure it is communicated to the relevant teams for consideration. Your input is essential in helping us continuously enhance our offerings to better meet your needs.