Severn WLD

Protect your building from the tiniest water leaks, even in the smallest spaces


Severn WLD

Protect your building from the tiniest water leaks, even in the smallest spaces

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Severn Water Leak Detection (Severn WLD™) is the world’s first smart leak detection system using adhesive, printed sensors.

Sensitive enough to pick up as little as two drops of water, it helps make your building or facility safer with improved operational efficiency.

Gain real-time, predictive insights about water in your facilities while remotely monitoring through our cloud-based dashboard.

  • Unique form factor

  • Installed within minutes

  • Pinpoint location

  • False positive reduction

Just like tape

Severn WLD installs like tape, so you can wrap it around pipes, mount it on a wall or slide it underneath small gaps: its unique form factor allows you to monitor locations you couldn't before.

No professional training needed

Severn WLD doesn't require any wiring, drilling or tools in order for you to install it. All you need is a LoRaWAN network set up, power the Severn WLD with its battery and stick it down.

12 regions to give you insights

The sensor of the Severn WLD is split into 12 electrodes or regions. Each region is able to detect the presence of water, allowing you to understand the size of the leak. 

Less false positive alarms, more prevention

By default, the Severn WLD sends an emergency message when 4 of its sensor's regions are wet. But maybe that isn't precise enough for you: you can change to define a leak to be as little as one region reporting water, or all 12.

  • Severn WLD

  • Flood sensors

  • Inline sensors

  • Cable sensors

Severn WLD

Flood sensors

Inline sensors

Cable sensors

Unique form factor aqua-Check No No aqua-Check
Installed within minutes aqua-Check aqua-Check No aqua-Check
High sensitivity aqua-Check No aqua-Check aqua-Check
Pinpoint location aqua-Check No No No
Large coverage area aqua-Check No aqua-Check aqua-Check
False positive reduction aqua-Check No No No

Hardware Dimensions

95 x 58 x 24 mm

Sensor Dimensions

883 x 50mm

Hardware Weight


Operating Temperature Range

-30°C to 60°C


Maximum resolution of 0.1ml of water

Wireless Communication Protocol

LoRaWAN 1.0.3 OTAA

LoRaWAN Frequency Plans

EU868 and US915

Read Range

Up to 10km

Antenna Type

Built-in antenna

Radio Compliance

Canada, EU, UK, USA

Battery Type

AA Li-SOCl2 cell

Operating Voltage


Peak Current Drawn


Active Battery Lifetime

18 months


Nylon, splash-proof, not currently IP rated




Under Sink Leaks

Tanked Water Heater Leaks

Exposed Pipe Leaks

Dishwasher Leaks