Trusted by experts in the field, we develop cutting edge printed sensor technology.

Holding a LAIIER printed tape sensor.

At LAIIER we develop printed sensor technology that solves for a range of use cases. Depending on the use case, we either use our resistive sensing technology Severn, or our capacitive sensing technology Trent.

We collaborate with our customers and market leaders to develop new products and sensors. Each new idea can be quickly validated by our customers with the help of our Severn and Trent Evaluation Kits.


Flat Roof Leaks

Exhaust Scrubber Leaks

Rainwater Cistern Monitoring

Intermediate Bulk Container Monitoring

Detergent Levels for Commercial Washers

Oil Filled Transformer Leaks

Wind Turbine Oil Leaks


Resistive sensing with a tape

Severn is our resistive sensing technology. The biggest use case we are addressing with Severn is water leak detection via retrofitting, but we are also developing moisture sensors and embedding Severn within infrastructure at the point of manufacturing.

LAIIER sensor
LAIIER liquid level sensor

Capacitive sensing with a sticker

Trent is our capacitive sensing technology. We can use our Trent sensors to detect oil leaks and to measure the level of liquids without contact in non-metallic containers. 


Sensor INKxperience Kit

We have collaborated with Henkel to bring the Sensor INKxperience Kit to our partners and customers. The kit contains both the Severn and Trent Evaluation Kit, as well as more sensors, developed by Henkel, to explore a whole range of use cases.

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