LAIIER’s Technology: Dynamically Functional Surfaces™

What LAIIER’s technology does

LAIIER’s technology enables surfaces to capture data from the surrounding environment. We do this by producing modular printed sensors and hardware that create a dynamically definable technical function for the surfaces they’re applied to. We call this technology Dynamically Functional Surfaces™.


How it works

We use capacitive and resistive sensing to measure the electrical changes that are caused by, or correlate with, environmental changes that we want to measure, such as liquid leaks or liquid levels.

To create our sensors, we print electrically conductive inks onto flexible adhesive tapes. We then connect these sensors to our hardware, which powers them and generates a field that we can both manipulate and measure. Finally, we connect these devices to gateways, enabling us to send and receive data between devices and LAIIER Cloud.


Our investment in best-in-breed technology

LAIIER’s technology has been developed by specialist engineers, and is protected by a combination of patents and trade secrets. We pride ourselves on the strength of our engineering expertise, and the robustness of our R&D activity.

To bring our technology to physical life, we’ve partnered with leading international specialists, including Henkel and RS Group. We’re also members of the LoRa Alliance®, contributing to the growth of both the LoRaWAN® communication protocol and its associated ecosystem.

Our current products

Severn WLD™

Our flagship commercial product is Severn WLD™: a resistive sensor that provides early water leak detection in commercial and multifamily residential buildings.

Severn WLD

LAIIER Evaluation Kits

We also offer opportunities for technically savvy R&D specialists and engineers to create experiments and early PoCs in a lab environment. Both our Severn resistive sensor and our Trent capacitive sensor are available in kit form.

Experiment with an evaluation kit

Henkel INKxperience Kit

You can also experience our technology via the Henkel INKxperience Kit: a collection of printed electronics sensors designed for innovation and exploration.

Henkel INKxperience Kit