Measure liquid levels without any contact to the liquid

Detect changes without any contact

Trent is a combination of sensors and hardware to create capacitive sensors that can measure the level of a liquid from the outside of a container. The sensors are printed with conductive ink and through the combination of three electrodes, they can detect the smallest changes of the liquid's level. 

LAIIER's Trent sensor on a water softening system
Stacked intermediate bulk containers

Keep an eye on any leaks

Whether you want to monitor the level of the liquids in order to detect infrastructure malfunction or for quality assurance, Trent can help you observe any trends and changes within a container regarding its liquids.

LAIIER's Severn sensor installed underneath an industrial tank

We make sensors that install like stickers and tape

Our Trent Sensors allow you to simply stick them like stickers tape on the outside of containers and vessels. This means you can now quickly install sensors where you couldn't install them before. The sensors provide a high-resolution analysis of the environment, while being ultra-low-cost, allowing you to easily equip multiple containers with the sensors simultaneously.

Trent is able to detect the level of the liquid inside the container without any contact. Depending on what event you require to detect, for example, whether a certain level was reached, Trent then sends this data via LoRaWAN to a nearby gate and onto the LAIIER dashboard. 

A combination of sensors and hardware

Trent sensors

Trent Sensors

The Trent Sensors are printed with conductive ink and use capacitive sensing to measure the level of the liquid through a container. It consists of electrodes to measure the capacitance: a reference, an environment and a level electrode. Using a combination of theses three electrodes, we can accurately measure the liquid's level.

Trent board

Trent Board

The Trent Board connects to the sensors with a FFC connector and handles all the sensing and data processing. Using LoRaWAN, the board then connects to a LoRaWAN gateway, sending the data over wirelessly to the LAIIER dashboard, allowing you to process the data as you need it.

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Easy to install

Our LAIIER sensing technology can be installed by anyone, including non-professionals. It is a matter of attaching the sensor, connecting it to the hardware, and using the dashboard to detect events. 

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Low-cost and scalable

Our sensors are low-cost to produce, making it very feasible and cost-effective to scale our sensing technology.


Seamless integration

At LAIIER we create sensor solutions that can be applied or built directly into the environment. Our range of ultra-thin sensors use the same form factor for every application, creating a seamlessly integrated system.

Use Cases

Water Softeners

Industrial water softener systems involve the precise dispensing of brine, created by adding tap water to salt tablets. The machine requires precise dispensing of brine, and can be significantly damaged by anomalous performance, such as pumping fresh water instead of brine. Checking effective salt level usage is therefore vital despite most systems depending on manual inspection. A solution that is non-contact and able to differentiate between salt tablets, fresh water and brine is required.

LAIIER's Trent sensor on a water sofetning system
LAIIER's evaluation kit contents

Want to start using LAIIER technology?

Test with our evaluation kits

If you want to give our sensors a try, we recommend setting up some tests with our evaluation kits.